The Perpetual Motion Dance Troupe (PMDT) is an Elite dance program for young dancers ages 6 and up who have a desire to perform multiple times a year, participate in dance competitions and perfect their dancing skills. It is an intensive dance program, which requires a stronger commitment on behalf of the dancers and parents.

Troupe members will be featured in our Christmas demonstration in December as well as our yearly production of Pinocchio. Dancers may also be called upon to perform at various fundraising activities in the community. They will also benefit from extra workshops, guest teachers and choreographers.

PMDT will represent the studio during dance competitions. Dance competitions can be a wonderful experience for dancers who strive to do their best. Dance is an art form and the evaluation of dance can be very subjective. While a High Score is nice to receive, it is not our main goal. PMDT members are striving to grow and stretch as dancers, to improve their technique, to experience performing and being evaluated by a panel of experts, and to enjoy dancing for the sake of dance.

PMDT dancers are compassionate, loving, accepting, talented young dancers. They show respect towards their parents, teachers, choreographers and other dancers. They are committed to their dance troupe. They are the heart and soul and proud ambassadors of the dance studio. They are a shining example to all up and coming dancers and students in the leisure programs.  They try to better themselves as dancers and people at all times. They are part of a growing family, where friendships last a lifetime!


  • Dance Quest 2020

    July 17, 2020

  • Dance Quest 2020

    Exciting News!

    Dance Quest will be holding their Nationals November 5–9, 2020, in Saint-John NB. Please find below Dance Quest’s Covid-19 plan.

    Remember that going to competition requires more expenses such as Dance Quest registration fees, workshop fees, accommodations, food etc. If this does not seem feasible for your family in these difficult times, it is not mandatory to participate in the competition. If you choose not to have your dancer participate in the competition this fall, your dancer will have the opportunity to present the competition piece during the Christmas Demo.

    Parents and dancers who wish to submit a solo, duo or trio for Dance Quest may send their request to and we will determine if your dancers is ready to represent PMDT at Dance Quest. Once given the ok, dancers can approach a teacher/choreographer directly to ask if they are interested in choreographing a competition piece for them. In some cases, the teacher/choreographer will approach a dancer directly. Cost for teacher/choreographer is determined by each teacher/choreographer and paid directly to them. Choreographer’s fees can range between $250.00 to $400.00 depending on the choreographer’s years of experience and seniority. PMDS does not receive any choreographer fees and studio space is offered for free. This is to show support for our teaching staff and lower fees for troupe members.

    Teachers/choreographers are required to continue training the dancers up until competition weekend. Rehearsal times for competition solos, duos and trios will be schedule outside of dancer’s mandatory classes. Senior dancers who have permission to choreograph their own piece are required to rehearse their piece in front of a teacher at least once a week and are expected to practice at least once or twice more weekly on their own.

    Junior levels and up will be learning competition pieces during the summer intensive. If your dancer is unable to attend the summer intensive, they will not compete in these new numbers at Dance Quest. All troupe levels will be learning new pieces in the fall and all dancers will be competing in these new pieces.

    List of Teachers/choreographers available:

    • Lindsey Tower (solos/duos/trios—musical theatre or jazz)
    • Marissa Lefurgey (solos—contemporary or jazz)
    • Bethany Beart (solos/duos—ballet, lyrical, jazz, musical theatre or tap)
    • Veronica Ouellette (solos—jazz)
    • Corina Stiles (ballet variations)
    • Sergiy Diyanov (ballet variations)
    • Leah Wilton (contemporary)

    Dance Quest COVID-19 Tentative Plan

    We have two plans for the fall currently. The first plan is contingent on things being similar to today with few to zero cases of Covid- 19 in Atlantic Canada.

    All persons entering TD station will:

    • Register their name and contact info
    • Answer questions regarding their health and any contact with Covid-19
    • Have their temperature taken
    • Wear a mask
    • Sanitize hands Entering building and again before accessing stage area
    • Dancers do not need to wear a mask on stage but will backstage.
    • Seats for audience will not be general admission but rather assigned seating
    • Social distancing in seating area will be implemented by using every other row only and staggering seating
    • Audience would need to wear masks
    • Using a misting system, the entire building will be sanitized twice each day
    • Common areas like doors, bathrooms, stage area will be disinfected several times each day.

    The second plan would come into place if cases are increasing and there could be a threat to public health. If this is determined to be the case, we would video tape all performances to be live streamed in the correct order later, but we would bring studios in at separate times to record all of their routines. Awards would be live-streamed, and each studio would send a representative to the stage to receive awards on behalf of their school. There would be no live audience

    We are still working through other details including dancers seating to watch. We are considering having a section for each studio in the audience for dancers and their families could also sit there if they had younger kids as dancers will not have full access to general seating this year due to assigned seating situation. So many details to consider.

    We are hopeful by following public health guidelines that things will remain the same with respect to cases in Atlantic Canada and we will be able to host our event with a similar look and feel to our normal events. Each day things seem to be changing and we will have to be flexible to ensure that we follow these guideline requirements to keep everyone safe.