The Perpetual Motion Dance Troupe (PMDT) is an Elite dance program for young dancers ages 6 and up who have a desire to perform multiple times a year, participate in dance competitions and perfect their dancing skills. It is an intensive dance program, which requires a stronger commitment on behalf of the dancers and parents.

Troupe members will be featured in our Christmas demonstration in December as well as our yearly production of Pinocchio. Dancers may also be called upon to perform at various fundraising activities in the community. They will also benefit from extra workshops, guest teachers and choreographers.

PMDT will represent the studio during dance competitions. Dance competitions can be a wonderful experience for dancers who strive to do their best. Dance is an art form and the evaluation of dance can be very subjective. While a High Score is nice to receive, it is not our main goal. PMDT members are striving to grow and stretch as dancers, to improve their technique, to experience performing and being evaluated by a panel of experts, and to enjoy dancing for the sake of dance.

PMDT dancers are compassionate, loving, accepting, talented young dancers. They show respect towards their parents, teachers, choreographers and other dancers. They are committed to their dance troupe. They are the heart and soul and proud ambassadors of the dance studio. They are a shining example to all up and coming dancers and students in the leisure programs.  They try to better themselves as dancers and people at all times. They are part of a growing family, where friendships last a lifetime!

Troupe Levels

*Age groups are guidelines. Some dancers may progress at a different pace. Dancers levels are determined by dance instructors and the direction.

Mini Ages 6–8
Novice Ages 7–11
Intermediate Novice Ages 7–11, beginner dance training required
Advanced Novice Ages 7–11, beginner dance training required
Junior Ages 10–14, intermediate dance training required
Intermediate Junior Ages 10–14, intermediate dance training required
Advanced Junior Ages 10–14, intermediate dance training required
Senior Ages 12–14, advanced dance training required
Intermediate Senior Ages 12–16, advanced dance training required
Advanced Senior Ages 12–17, advanced dance training required
Elite Ages 14+, advanced dance training required