Please read the following steps we are taking so we are in suit with the guidelines laid out by the Government of New Brunswick during Covid-19. 

PMDS Inc. will be doing the following every day in order to keep dancers and staff safe: 

  • Disinfect the dance studio multiple times a day with medical grad cleaning solution. This will include, doorknobs, ballet barres, all Pilates equipment, studio, entrance and bathroom floors and other surfaced touched by staff or dancers. 
  • When possible have the same group of dancers in the studio per three hr. blocks. 
  • Provide a hand sanitizer station. 
  • PMDS will have an infrared thermometer available for temperature check when needed. 

PMDS Inc. new rules and regulation during this pandemic: 


Please take your or your dancer’s temperature before coming to class and make sure you or your dancers are not presenting any of the following symptoms. Do not come or send your dancer to class if you or they are ill. 

fever above 38°C;  

  • a new cough or worsening chronic cough;  
  • sore throat;  
  • runny nose;  
  • headache;  
  • a new onset of fatigue;  
  • a new onset of muscle pain;  
  • diarrhea;  
  • loss of sense of taste or loss of sense of smell; and  
  • in children, purple markings on the fingers or toes.  

Mask to Studio  

Mask will be mandatory when entering the premises and are required when standing in the entrance and dressing room. Mask will be mandatory for parents of children ages 3 to 7 who chose to wait in the entrance during class. Parents of dancers ages 8 and up are not permitted to wait in the entrance during class. There will be hooks on the wall inside the studio for dancers to hang their mask during class. Make sure masks are properly identified. 

Additional Steps

  • Dancers must arrive to class fully dressed for class. 
  • Dancers must arrive with hair in a ballet bun slick back to prevent fussing with their hair and touching their faces.  
  • All dancers must bring a water bottle.  
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in the entrance and all dancers and parents must sanitize their hands before entering and leaving the dance studio. 
  • All dancers must wash their hands with soap and water after using the washroom. They must follow the 20 second washing rule. 
  • There will be designated spots to stand on the studio for each dancer. Dancers will be asked to respect their spacing and always maintain 2 m. social distancing. 
  • Adults taking Pilates classes are asked to bring their own matts. Matts can no longer be left at the studio. All other equipment such as the foam rollers, big balls and weights will remain in the studio, but we kindly ask users to help wipe them down after each class. 
  • All dancers must sign PMDS Covid-19 waiver form.